King Hokum

Check out this artist from Australia!

Wonderful blues music in sthe style of the 1920s and 1930s. Hokum blues specifically. Humorus songs with lots of euphemisms and just funny stories. C.W. Stoneking perfectly creates an atmosphere, that sends you right back to the beginning of the last century. The age of explorers, minstrel shows and Vaudeville.



From “McLusky” to “Future of the left”

Here is a fantastic, energetic song by “McLusky

Sadly, the band split in 2005. But fear not, there are new projects by some of the band members. One is called “Shooting at Unarmed Men” and the other “Future of the Left“. The latter is one of my favourite bands ever.

Check them out!

Great use of stop-motion animation.

Colin is indeed a very pretty pussy. 😀

Not the best summer

Sadly our summer here was awful. The last 3 years we had magnificent summers. Hot, dry, but with the occasional, much needed rain. This year was a gardeners nightgmare.

It was warm, BUT.., it was always dark and humid or plain raining. My tomatoes , although in a greenhouse, suffered a lot. But there are at least some things that turned out nice. Some of the roses did well this year. Look at the pictures.